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You Can't Watch Newcastle's S**** B*** Ad On TV, But You Have Options

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By now, you may have heard that the marketing team here at Newcastle is working with what some might call a "modest" budget — one that will prevent our epic commercial from ever hitting the airwaves (or from being produced at all, much to the chagrin of Anna Kendrick).

But we're not ready to give up just yet. That's why we've created the Beerplay Ad Caster, our first foray away from the realm of beer and into the realm of beer-related personal technology.


We originally envisioned Ad Caster as a cutting-edge app that would beam our ad from your laptop to your TV, replacing any game-day commercial with our commercial. Because if there's anything people love more than commercials, it's watching the same commercial over and over again. As we're learning, though, "beaming" technology is kinda pricey. Not S**** B*** commercial pricey, but it's up there.

Instead, Ad Caster is an app that plays our ads on a picture of a TV. And get this — you can choose what that TV looks like! Actually, you can choose from the four TVs we could afford to mock up. But that's probably more TVs than you have at home, right? So Ad Caster is like having four really awesome TVs that only exist on your computer and only play Newcastle ads. Of course, this is a thing that you want.

So watch the Mega Huge Game Day Ad we almost made for TV on Newcastle's Beerplay Ad Caster. It's just like seeing our ad on TV, except not at all.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Newcastle and Studio@Gawker.

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