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Branded content people actually care about

What Does Intimacy Mean to You? Show Us in a Short Film

Illustration by Jake Inferrera

The word “intimacy” means different things to different people. It could mean the soft touch of your partner’s palm on your arm as you watch a movie. It could be the quiet moments you spend with your partner at dinner, still and content. Or it could mean something else entirely depending on your life and past experiences.

How do you define the word? We want to see. Enter our film festival by sending in a short film that demonstrates what “intimacy” means to you. Finalists will have their film shown in our film festival and party in February. A team of judges will choose a winner, who will receive $5,000 and 500 condoms.

There are a few rules though: Films must be five minutes or shorter in length. All participants in the films must be consenting adults over the age of 18. The films must not feature any genitalia. By entering, filmmakers are permitting their work to be used in a Gizmodo Media Group, LLC branded content campaign in partnership with SKYN condoms.


Submit your film for the festival before January 17, 2018 by clicking here.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between SKYN Condoms and Studio@Gizmodo.

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