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What 2016 Mistake Do You Most Not Want To Repeat?

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The new year is a special time when everyone makes resolutions that sound super-positive and ambitious, but are really about covering up last year’s mistakes, like chucking a throw rug over that wine stain on your carpet.

Good pal that I am, I thought I would poll some friends and co-workers as to what 2016 mistake they are most resolved not to make this year. (One of the mistakes I made was temporarily leaving Gillette for one of those subscription razor companies. It was pretty sub-par, tbh. Without the lubrication and blade coating I was used to, my face was a rough, irritated mess.) As they say, “It is only by constantly reliving pain that we can transcend it.” Right? Something like that.


Anyways, here were the worst mistakes of 2016, as told by my friends:

All year long my brother Sam and his wife and their two pit bulls were driving around the country and living in a refurbished Airstream trailer, which was awesome. But Sam is bad at cars. Thus, this is a mistake he’d rather not repeat: “Do not accidentally remove the jack from a 7,000lb trailer while kneeling beneath the tongue of said trailer.” Seems correct!*


A friend of mine from high school, Willie, is a new father. As a new dad, you learn a few things about value, namely where to save and conserve and where to just let it go, man. Willie says: “When emptying the diaper genie, I made the mistake of trying to compress the air out of the bag to tie the knot like on a normal trash bag. I realized no matter how much bag it wastes you do not want old diaper air blowing out at you. That was probably my biggest mistake of 2016… not to be repeated in 2017 hopefully.” Good lord I hope not.

My buddy McCarton was more to the point: “Trying CrossFit,” he quipped. The great thing about avoiding this mistake is that as long as you don’t leave your house and walk into a gym, you’ve succeeded. Anyone can do it!

What 2016 mistake do you most not want to repeat? Let us know in the comments, so we can avoid similar fates. In the meantime, you can resolve to cut your time in the morning (instead of cutting your face in 2017) by coming home to Gillette. Their Fusion ProShield razors are engineered to last for 20 shaves, so you can save your hard-earned cash and avoid making the same mistake I did.

*Sam is OK and so are his dogs.

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