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Watch These Electricians Get Charged Up to Compete For The Title of ‘Best Electrician in North America’

Believe it or not, there’s a competition where thousands of the best electricians across the country compete to take part in an annual year-end championship. They put their skills to the test in the hopes of nabbing the title of “Best Electrician in North America.” They also compete for some life-changing cash.


Electricians don’t often get the credit they deserve. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to flip on your light switch or turn on your television. These men and women play an essential role in the economy, yet their efforts are rarely celebrated. So when given the chance to turn electricians into world-renowned celebrities of the trade, IDEAL Electrical stepped in to help illuminate the way.

The third annual IDEAL National Championship will showcase qualifying electricians as they battle for their share of $600,000 in cash and prizes, as well as the distinguished title of “Best Electrician in North America.” Annual qualifying rounds take place through October, with the Championship Weekend going down in early December. Let’s just say that the electrical field is strong.

This new series Wire to Wire follows past winners of the IDEAL National Championship on their respective journeys to claim this year’s top prize. Watch how Greg Anliker (The All-Star), Roman Ryszewski (The Renaissance Man & last year’s winner), Seth Agnew (The Heart of a Champion) and Angela Penna (The Trailblazer) prepare for the event and seek the coveted title.

Wire to Wire episodes are available below, and new episodes will be posted on this page until the winner-take-all event in December at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. This year, the atmosphere will be electric.

Greg Anliker, The All-Star

Simply put, Greg is the all-star of electricians. Winning the Pro Competition in 2016 and the Team Competition in 2017, this guy proves time and time again that he’s a champion. If there’s an electrician’s competition happening, it’s no shock to see the name Anliker at the top of the leaderboard. Watch his journey to the top below.

Roman Ryszewski, The Renaissance Man

Last year’s winner, who hails from Poland, is back on the circuit and ready to defend his crown using MacGyver-like ingenuity. Will he be able to crack the diagnostic code? Watch to find out.

Seth Agnew, The Heart of a Champion

Facing a difficult battle with Lyme disease, Seth defied the odds and finished third in last year’s competition. With his family at his side, he refuses to quit and is back on the prowl to bring home the cash.

Angela Penna, The Trailblazer

Taking on tough challenges and coming out on top is nothing new to Angela. While there aren’t as many women as men in the trade, that doesn’t hamper her dedication and competitive spirit. She doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk with wires in hand.

Whether you’re a student, apprentice, or professional electrician, you can register for your chance to qualify for the IDEAL National Championship. Visit to learn how.


This is a sponsored post by IDEAL Electrical.