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Six Telltale Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Style

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There comes a time when you suddenly realize you need to update your look. Maybe a small child catches sight of you, screams, and hides behind their parents. Or maybe you order food and the deliveryman refuses to take your money, saying that you probably need it way more than he does. (And you wouldn't believe some of the things they see.)


Take a good hard look in the mirror at your sloppy, questionable wardrobe choices. It’s likely that the last time you bought new clothes, Lost was still on the air. Now your favorite outfit has more holes than that show’s plot. Isn't it time you progress beyond your stale image and join the big leagues like that of the Seiko Nation? Here are a few signs you need to invest in a new look:

You wear "work from home" outfits to your "leave the house" job. Some people have cushy jobs where they “work” on their laptops from a “mobile location” (i.e., their bed and/or toilet). Unfortunately, you have a job that requires you to leave your house and be seen in public by other humans. Maybe it’s time to dress like you have self-respect, and not like a college freshman in pajamas on his way to steal milk from the dining hall.

Your wardrobe has the versatility of a cartoon character. Cartoon characters wear the same clothes every day, because their animators are lazy. You are not a cartoon character. (Even if your poor sartorial choices deserve their own laugh track.)

Your friends have entered a new, stylish stratosphere. Times have changed. Your friends have evolved from punks to passionate tastemakers. They're independent, intelligent, and innovative. And...they don't want to be seen with you in public. Not until you join them in grown and sexy adult-land (what, did your invitation get lost?).

People during the Great Depression dressed better than you. Ever see those grainy black-and-white photos of bums during the Great Depression? Did you notice that they were dressed better than you are, wearing suits? And those brave people were starving to death in a barren dust bowl. Now take a look at yourself. You're gainfully employed, yet you're wearing an old college T-shirt, eating pad thai, and live-tweeting reruns of a reality show about teenaged mothers. What’s your excuse?

Your shoes are so worn out you might as well be barefoot. You do know that shoes are supposed to protect your feet, right? I don’t care if you just read some book that insisted our feet aren’t made for shoes; do you know what type of garbage touches a city sidewalk? Do you want to contract an entire alphabet’s worth of hepatitis?


Your phone is your watch. Look, everyone loves a good mobile appendage. But the phone-as-watch thing is a joke. When time is of the essence, you'll never see a suave film protagonist pause dramatically to look upon the cracked face of his smartphone. Phones will never replace watches, so just tuck those dreams away, sport. It’s time for a new look (which you'd know by now if you invested in a proper watch). Seiko has some great wristwatches this season, and bonus!: They're designed to propel you from pauper to progressive in two seconds flat (time it!)

Of course, you could always keep wearing what you’ve got on now. Maybe fashion will come full-circle in 30 years and people will start wearing soy sauce-stained pajamas again. Stranger things have happened.


Is it time to make some progress in the style department? Learn how Seiko can help.

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