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Show Us Your Dirtiest Wheels

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No matter where you drive, your wheels are going to get dirty. They roll through mud and over gravel caked in...well...we’d rather not know. Scrubbing to remove heavy brake dust and dirt is basically a fool’s errand.

That’s why Armor All Quicksilver® Wheel and Tire Cleaner is a revolutionary wheel cleaner — it’s truly different than the competitive set and is essentially wizardry. Just spray on dry, cool wheels, hose off, and dry immediately with a soft, clean towel. Your wheels will shine with pride. That means you don’t have to crouch on the ground, knees creaking from strain, scrubbing for hours in order to get that last bit of unidentifiable crusty junk off the rim. Plus, it’s safe for all factory and aftermarket clear coated wheels (that means you can go wild).


Readers: we want to see the fruits of your labor. Sound off in the comments and share photos of your dirt -covered wheels.

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