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Off-Road Racer Rod Hall Talks About the Cars He Loves and Avoiding Fame


You may not know Rod Hall. (Psst: He likes it that way.) But this Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Famer is someone you should definitely get to know, as evidenced by the video above. It’s a trip down memory lane that explores a young man’s love affair with a beat-up Jeep, stories of winning the Baja 1000, and his particular brand of off-roading.

Hall began his racing career back in 1964, and while he has led a full life complete with several extraordinary wins, he has yet to slow down. It’s hard to give up what he calls the “heartbeat of his life.” Whether he’s driving a Jeep, Hummer, or Ford, when he gets into a car he feels a deep-seated connection to the vehicle and pure freedom behind the wheel.

While Hall has driven a wide variety of vehicles, through his whole ride, he’s been married to BFGoodrich, a marriage that has lasted as long as the one to his wife. That’s in part because BFGoodrich tires are built to last and come with excellent traction.* Head here to find out why, and to outfit your own car with BFGoodrich tires. You’ll feel as tough as Rod Hall, even if you stay on the road.


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This is a sponsored collaboration between BFGoodrich and Studio@Gawker.

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