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If You're the Person Who Never Misses a Photo Op, Asus Has Your Back

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Photobombing is fun, right? When you're doing it to others, at least. When it's the other way around it's less hilarious, especially if it ruins a special moment. The Asus MeMO Pad makes it easy to remove the offending figure making oh-so-clever bunny ears behind you. You can even rewind the photo to the moment just before, and get the memory you really wanted. After all, if there's no photo, did it really happen?

While the jury's still out on that question, the Asus MeMO Pad has so many smart camera functions, there's a good chance you won't have to find out. Of course, that's not the only thing this tablet does — it's a bit of an 'everything' device. Not only is it small and light enough to carry with you everywhere, it also packs some serious punch on the inside. This is the first tablet of its kind to come with the lightning-fast Intel Atom processor, and you're bound to notice just how smoothly it moves between functions. The Zen UI intuitive design means you don't have to be a gadget geek to work it, although there's plenty about the MeMO Pad for gadget lovers to get excited about - especially considering it starts at just $149.

All Work...

It won't be able to run out for coffee, but in every other way the Asus MeMO Pad makes a pretty great personal assistant. Courtesy of the Zen UI interface, the tablet will make sure you don't miss anything: the meeting that starts in an hour, the BBQ happening after work, and the anniversary that's next week. And if you're too busy to drop everything and get a gift right now, just hit "Do It Later" and the task goes back to the to-do list — it's all pretty intuitive.


...And All Play

But let's face it, as great as the MeMO Pad is for work, one of the best things about a tablet is to watch movies and shows on the go. The MeMO Pad is just the right size to watch movies and is light and compact enough to be comfortable in your hand. It's pretty much the ideal companion to bring on an airplane or train, or even your daily commute.

And since the tablet connects to Asus WebStorage, giving you 500GB free space. That means you can store 25 Blu-ray quality movies and access them any time, even from other devices. Because we all like to watch shows in large format sometimes, the MeMO Pad can be linked to other wireless devices so you can kick back and watch the content on a bigger screen. Or if you'd rather listen to music or read, the pre-installed eMusic app comes with 75 complimentary music downloads, while the Zinio app lets you access over 5000 digital magazines from all over the world.

Smarter Camera Equals Better Photos

Rewinding a photograph sounds impossible, but with the Asus MeMO Pad this magic ability will be yours. This tablet comes packed with clever camera features that give you control over your pictures even if you're not an editing expert.


If you want to make sure to capture the exact moment the birthday candles are blown out, or get the winning goal in the frame, Time Rewind lets you do that. The tablet also comes with a high-resolution back camera, so you don't have to compromise on quality if you want to see yourself while taking selfies, or make sure no one is left out of a group shot. Once you've taken half a dozen shots where one person has their eyes shut, Asus MeMO Pad lets you choose the best version of each person's face. That way, you'll end up with a single photo where everyone looks great. After all, that's how you'll remember the moment when you think back on it, so why shouldn't the photo look just as good.

To learn more about the Asus MeMO, head here.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Asus MeMO and Studio@Gawker.

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