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Hey, Toilet Phone, I Can Quit You

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For most of us, a 2-year phone contract is just a fact of life. And there’s no telling how your beloved smartphone might run afoul of Murphy’s Law in those 730 days. Unless you JUMP ship. Here are just a few scenarios in which you might find yourself wishing you switched to T-Mobile's JUMPTM Upgrade program — the best program for upgrading your phone twice a year.

Flushed it down the toilet

It’s your grandma’s 80th birthday, and everyone’s over to celebrate. The whole house is filled with family members fussing about how long it’s been since they’ve all seen each other and piling their plates high with the spread Aunt Marie put out.


You put your phone down for all of two seconds to fill your plate. That’s all your 5-year-old cousin Carla needs. She grabs your phone, squeals, and runs straight for the bathroom. Flush. Not only is your phone in the toilet, it’s now trapped in the U-bend. With God knows what else...

Dropped it at a concert

It’s the last big outdoor concert of the summer, and you and your friends are in the front row taking it all in. Who cares if the field is muddy beyond reason from all the rain last week? This is your favorite rapper (probably the single most important emcee to come out in years), and it’s your last chance to see him perform before the seasons change. That alone makes the rain-boots-in-August thing worth it.


It’s the last song in the set, and you pull out your phone to capture the third encore going on onstage. After all, if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. The bass booms, the crowd roars,, and someone behind you leaps up with the chorus, knocking your phone right out of your hands and into the mud. Your life flashes before your eyes as you watch it slowly sink into the muck, never to Instagram again.

Robbed on the subway

You’re on your way home after a late night at the office, and you’re dead on your feet. You’ve got a splitting headache, and your legs feel like jelly. “This lifestyle is unsustainable,” you think. “Why couldn’t I just live off a trust fund and vacation in Costa Rica every year?” you think. Thoughts like this swirl around in your head as you sit down in that subway car and swiftly pass out.

You quickly snap to in what feels like a moment later. You missed your stop maybe about an hour ago, and you’re in a part of town you don’t recognize. You reach into your pocket to check your phone and pull up a map app...only it’s gone! You frantically search the train car, and even nudge the friendly hobo at the end of the car, asking if he saw anything. Nothing. Your phone is lost. And so are you.

Outdated in a day

Or how about this? You’re relatively comfortable with your phone right now, but you’re due for an upgrade. You’ve already weathered the two years before you’re eligible for a new one, and you’ve waited patiently to find the bleeding-edge device you think will suit you just right. The timing is perfect, and you feel good about your next purchase.


When you finally buy that new smartphone, you glory in its features. It’s light, sleek, and powerful. What could be better? Well, a better phone. Which came out the day after your bought yours. Angry tears well up in your eyes as you curse heaven and the 729 days of smartphone envy you have ahead. It's not a good look.

Any one of these scenarios could happen to you. A few of them might have already. The point is, it’s time for something different. It’s time you had the freedom to upgrade to something better when you need to, up to two times a year, after just 6 months. It's time to JUMP! Click here to find out how T-Mobile’s JUMP! program can save you from your worst smartphone nightmare.


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