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Here's How Tech Support Never Has to Be Frustrating or Lonely Again

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You probably don’t think much of customer service. After all, if you need technical help and you don’t live in an old folks’ home, you should probably just Read the Manual, right? Well, at its heart, customer support is about helping people, and everyone — from your mom to the next big startup — needs help when the situation calls for it.


Enter Groove. Groove is a Providence, RI-based customer support company that serves thousands of small businesses by providing beautiful, feature-rich, and dead-simple helpdesk software. And by partnering with, one of the premier online meeting and collaboration tools out there, the team at Groove can not only help others, but enhance their own work from wherever they are in the world.

Groove, in essence, is a management center that allows its users to keep track of issues and deal with them in a timely manner. It integrates email, live chat, social media, and analytics in a way that encourages customer feedback and lets software teams work out problems from anywhere — even from their phones. It got its start in 2012, and, according to CEO Alex Turnbull, sought to differentiate itself from its competitors like Zendesk and by offering an experience that focused on simplicity.

“We built on the idea that customer support software for small businesses and startups should be super simple, and really a joy to use,” he said. “[One] where they could kind of hit the ground running and get set up in two or three minutes. It’s basically got all the features they need, and nothing they don’t.”

Turnbull, a serial entrepreneur and avid surfer, recalls that the support software he needed at his last company was “super complicated,” a trait it shared with so many other programs that simply got in the way of solving problems. So he decided to create his own solution to improve the experience. The response was impressive.

“Literally overnight, we had a thousand plus private beta sign-ups,” he said, “and we just saw that there was a huge demand in business startup space.”

Currently, they provide the support backbone for MetaLab, an interface design agency behind such apps as Newsle and Flow, and 3D Robotics, former Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson’s unmanned aerial vehicle company.


Groove is now a global company, with staff based across the US and as far out as Thailand. In Turnbull’s words, they live and die to provide a beautiful, elegant, and simple experience for their customers. In order to do that, being able to share gives them a serious leg up on the competition.

That’s where comes in. is a one-click screen-sharing solution developed by LogMeIn that allows users to share their screens, complete with text chat, mouse sharing, and more. With that in their wheelhouse, the Groove team could not only help customers but could also collaborate by sharing code and designs to improve their product.


According to Turnbull, “The two reasons we love are, one, we’re a remote team with employees around the world. Voice calls just don’t cut it really, so allows us to get all the coders, all the designers, the people that do some web copy, everyone together in a way that’s really simple. And then, the second reason we love is it allows us to provide awesome support to our customers. [It] allows us to hop on a quick screen share, and provide that personal touch, and there’s no substitute for it.”

Thanks to, Groove is best able to foster the kind of real-time collaboration customers need. Check out what else might help you do right here.