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Here’s why superheroes need bad date escape plans

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We’ve all been on a first date from hell, and have probably pondered some more extreme ways to escape the awkward silences and forced conversation. So what if you were a superhero fumbling your way through a bad date? That’s what Freddie Wong's Skyhook — a YouTube Geek Week short film that features some epically impressive special effects — wonders.

Equipped with some new toys — including hardened Kevlar (with titanium-dipped tri-weave fibers, obviously), an escape harness, and a few minor explosives — Freddie Wong is back from wherever superheroes go to retire, and he’s ready for a first date. Well, not quite ready. What if instead of a panty-dropper, he has to “get out of” the pants? Like any decent superhero, Freddie has an escape plan...


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