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Give the Gift of Flexibility With the Kindle Fire HDX

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It was love at first tap, but now it's time to get down to business. You fell in love with your Kindle Fire HDX, and now that the holidays are on their way it's time to spread the love. Whether you're giving the gift of Kindle Fire or just maximizing the experience of someone already on your level, you want to make sure you and yours are taking advantage of all of its features to their fullest. There are endless ways to soup up your Kindle, and the finest of Fire’s friends will optimize how you use it at home and away — when you’re on the train, working remotely, or going on a road trip.

Be Productive, Everywhere

With new enterprise and productivity features, the Kindle Fire HDX has everything you need for getting things done on the go. Not only does the Kindle have the full OfficeSuite, but it's ultra-light (clocking in at just 13.2 oz, you'll hardly even notice it in your bag). Lugging a heavy laptop everywhere is a thing you could do. But wouldn’t it be great to just not? The AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard wirelessly connects to your Kindle, so you’ll be able to quickly catch up on emails, edit a draft of the masterpiece you’ve been working on, or blog about a recent epiphany, all without breaking your back. Throw this gizmo in your everyday bag (yes, it’s small enough!), and you’re all set.


When you’re at a cafe between meetings or making a pit stop at home, waiting for your devices to charge feels like it takes an eternity and a half. True to its name, the Amazon Kindle PowerFast Adapter increases the speed of your Kindle's charge (compared to the standard 5W adapter). Just plug it in via your Kindle’s micro-USB cord for a nice power boost, even if you don’t have a lot of time. Think of it as a double-shot of espresso.

Watch Smarter

The Kindle Fire HDX is high-definition like you've never seen before on a tablet. With an 8.9" display and market-leading pixel density, the HDX allows you to watch streaming movies and TV in a quality that will blow your mind. And with the tablet's 2.2GHz quad-core processor, you won't miss a beat, whether you're on a plane, on the couch, or in bed.


If you’ve yet to discover the simple yet luxurious convenience of a portable stand, now is the time. It will come in handy in all kinds of situations: watching streaming movies from your favorite corner to curl up in, catching up on your favorite zombie show on a flight, playing a photo slideshow at a family get together, or maybe even propping your Kindle on a table at a party so friends can help DJ. The Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9 Standing Leather Origami Case not only sounds cool but is cool. Why? Its flexible design displays your Kindle vertically or horizontally, and when you’re done, it'll also keep your tablet safe while you go about your business.


Your Kindle Fire HDX does a great job of singlehandedly making your life easier, and with these awesome upgrades, you'll be on cloud 8.9.

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