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Help Your Laptop Help You By Putting it in Stand Mode

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We all know having the right computer is key. You need one that’s made for variety of tasks, like planning a big event or helping you take on alien hordes. Well, the Lenovo Yoga 11S has four modes — Tent, Stand, Tablet, and Laptop — that can handle just about anything you throw at it. Let’s test out Stand mode.


For Private Parties

The Yoga 11S is blessed with an 11-inch 1366x768 HD display that’s as easy on the eyes as it is to the touch. Its excellent color and viewing angles make it a joy to use when you’re doing your everyday work, but it was truly made to take center stage. All you need to do is flip that keyboard over and lay it flat on your desk or lap to activate Stand mode. And Stand mode is perfect for enjoying and sharing media.

It’s in Stand mode that streaming media can really shine. Say you want to marathon your favorite 90s sci-fi sitcom with some friends in your dorm: just fire up Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Crackle, and you can watch just about anything your heart desires. (And don’t worry, the integrated Dolby speakers are plenty loud enough). You can also open up the Photos app or Fhotoroom to access the pictures you took last summer. The Yoga’s beautiful screen will make sure it so that no one feels left out.

For Presentations

The Yoga 11S, which runs Windows 8, is eminently useful when it comes to doing real work. At 3.1 pounds, it's light enough for you to throw into a bag without risking scoliosis. And its 1.5GHz Intel Core i7 processor gives you the power you need to do some real writing and photo editing. Stand mode will give you a chance to show off that work with pride, whether it's to your fellow students or the team you run at the office.

When you’re done typing and clicking, just flip into Stand mode and gather your team. If you’re familiar with PowerPoint, you'll have no trouble dazzling them with a dynamic presentation. You can also give something like Grapholite Diagrams Pro a try, since it handles ten-point multitouch so nicely, and lets you enhance your work with plenty of flowcharts and technical diagrams. Having that screen front-and-center will keep everyone’s attention — as long as they’re not still oohing and ahhing over your Yoga’s unique design.

For Second-Screen Gaming

The Yoga 11S is also a great gaming companion. Stand mode makes media easy to consume, and the Yoga's ability to sync with the rest of your tech is yet another one of its many strengths.


For instance, if you’re playing Halo 4, you can fire up Xbox SmartGlass on your Yoga. SmartGlass lets you sync with your Xbox 360 to access unique content that plays great on your little Ultrabook. From Stand mode, you can interact with your stats and enjoy special viewable content when you're taking a break from blasting away baddies. In this way, you’re enriching your experience with only a few swipes and touches.

If you’re the kind of person who does it all, the Lenovo Yoga 11S was made for you. It has at four modes, and there are so many ways to use them for exactly what you need. Have a minute in your jam-packed schedule? Check out everything the Yoga can do for you right here.