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Drawing on Walls Now Means Collaboration Instead of Getting Evicted

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What if every surface in life was a waiting canvas ready for your doodles and ideas? Well, ok, your roommate might not love that idea. Better question: what if every surface was a dry-erasable canvas, fit for schoolkids and businesspeople alike?

That’s what IdeaPaint is all about — letting people’s imaginations run wild anywhere they want. Headquartered in Ashland, MA, IdeaPaint creates an innovative paint of the same name that can turn any smooth surface into a whiteboard perfect for group collab-fests. A simple yet effective notion. And by joining forces with, a tool already tailor-made for online meetings and collaboration, the creative team at IdeaPaint is fostering teamwork both online and in the real world.

“IdeaPaint is a very simple concept, but with a huge vision,” said Jeff Avallon, SVP of Corporate Development at IdeaPaint. “We have a vision for creating a dynamic environment that truly inspires creativity, collaborations, and provides results.”


IdeaPaint was invented by company founder John Goscha in 2002 while he attended Babson College. During a brainstorm session with friends, Goscha found that their regular whiteboard was limiting their ideas. So they took to the wall.

“They started tacking up giant sheets of paper to make the entire wall writeable,” said Avallon, “and a really cool thing happened when they did that: The person that owned the marker no longer owned the meeting. Everyone was on their feet, everybody was actively engaged, and everybody was participating.”

Goscha spent the next six years doggedly trying to get IdeaPaint off the ground, though engineers told him time and again making a dry-erase paint was impossible. But by 2008, he proved them all wrong. The company officially launched, and has won accolades and awards in the years since, partnering with the likes of Evernote and Behance along the way.

“[One] of the things that kept us going was...we got a 'wow' out of anybody we presented it to,” said Avallon. “The coolest part about it was that it wasn’t everyone saying the same thing. Some people would say, ‘Wow, that would be amazing for my conference room,’ or they would say ‘Wow, that would be great to paint the desks in schools,’ or ‘That would be amazing in my kids’ playroom.’ Things like that. We saw a giant variety of interests in terms of what people would use it for.”


According to Avallon, IdeaPaint’s office culture is all about free-thinking and thinking “huge.” Above all, they’re about making things happen, and they do that by taking smart risks and working together to make the next innovation possible.

That’s why they use every day, for every meeting: to seize on opportunities and collaborate in real-time. Developed by LogMeIn, allows its users to share screens and collaborate on the fly, making it a natural addition to any company bent on communicating the best ideas. According to Avallon, both and IdeaPaint share an ethos of frictionless connection that makes their partnership ideal.


“We use it constantly for our team meetings,” he said, “We bounce around all over the country and the world working with the leading architecture and design work with them on best practices to inspire creativity, collaboration, and ways in which to use and design IdeaPaint into their environment.”

“I run into very few products that are so simple, but can have such a dramatic impact on the way a company works, functions, and drives results from their teams. I’d put both IdeaPaint and in those buckets.”


Thanks to, IdeaPaint is spreading creativity to everyone it can reach. Have a look at how might help you create right here.

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