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Did You Build Your Own Gaming PC? We Want to See It!

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Illustration: Josh Lees

At long last the wait is finally over. All of your components have arrived. You’ve got all the tools you need. You’ve been studying day and night. It’s finally time to take the plunge. It’s time to put together your own PC.


Building your own gaming rig from scratch is an intensely personal, customizable experience, and the learning process is different for everyone. That process, where you fully immerse yourself in the project, is half the fun. Whether you’re like me and enjoy taking deep dives into internet threads dedicated to customization, or you prefer spending hours sifting through video tutorials, there are plenty of paths to making the perfect system.

And while you’ll likely crowdsource information from friends who’ve done it before you, building your own PC can be a solitary endeavor. In the end, the aim is to create a machine that works for you and you alone. You know the types of games you want to play, what kind of performance output you want, and what appeals to you aesthetically.

Now it’s time to share your gamer PC glory with the world. I want to see your gaming rig, and I want to hear how you’d improve it with more time or money. Post your custom build specs and/or pics in the comments, and tell me how you’d up your game even further.

Want to see how another PC builder’s putting together their dream rig? Check out this video from Maingear as part of the Intel Extreme Rig Challenge below, where Intel gave nine top custom PC builders the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 Extreme Edition processor, an ASUS motherboard, and one of the fastest drives on the market, then challenged them to build the most awe-inspiring gaming PC they could imagine. Need some inspiration in your own quest to build the perfect PC? Check out the link, vote for your favorite build team, and win some great prizes.

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