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Could You Learn To Love An Alien?


We humans love to argue, whether it's over politics, religion, or what to have for lunch. So can you imagine a scenario in which an entire galaxy's worth of new arguments, stances, and beliefs were brought into the conversational equation? Syfy's Defiance explores the ramifications of just such a situation: the pressure is on as humans and aliens learn to coexist and accept other's beliefs, customs, and opinions. So what if Defiance was real, and we were suddenly faced with the same situation? What would that mean for you, and for mankind as a whole?


Strange Love

With their flowing blond locks and free-love attitudes, Defiance's Castithians are like catnip for many Earthlings. The show even teases their ability to potentially interbreed with humans — you know, in case anyone wanted to experiment. Their brothels even offer options for those who'd like to do some interspecies commingling. It sounds progressive in theory, but how might it affect reproduction? What, exactly, would an interspecies coupling produce, if anything?

Love Thy Neighbor, Whatever Their Customs

Speaking of Castithans, these aliens have bathing rituals that would make even the most exhibitionistic human blush. When your seven-year-old daughter returns from her interspecies slumber party asking why your entire family doesn't bathe together, how do you explain it's taboo to bathe with your mom, dad, and brother without outright judging her new alien friends? Do you accept your neighbor's differences and teach your kid tolerance, or do you ban her from future sleepovers?

Something's Gotta Give

While having an entirely new species move into your world seems overwhelming, it could actually be pretty amazing, when you think about it. Sure, there's a lot to get used to, but maybe you'll discover something about yourself — like a newfound fondness for communal bathing. Or, you know, everything could go horribly wrong and society could be catapulted into chaos and disarray. That could also happen.


It's only a matter of time before these social and political issues come to a head and the peaceful coexistence they've maintained is threatened. This scenario can't help but raise a million other questions. Like:

What if, while we tend toward monogamous couples, aliens prefer triples, quadruples, or nothing at all? What if the way they raise their children becomes the norm, while humans lose any sense of identity or culture they once had? Even worse — what if their common cold is our Black Plague?


No doubt, Defiance is preparing us for the awkward conversations of the future. Hop in the comments to make your own predictions on how we'll butt heads with our alien neighbors in the future, and watch season 2 premiere of Syfy's Defiance tonight at 8/7c.

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