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Coming Soon: New Documentary Explores the Man Behind Gran Turismo


As the brain behind the Gran Turismo series, Kaz Yamauchi is known for bringing the realness to his games — most recently GT6, out December 6. Now, filmmaker Tamir Moscovici is applying that same realism to Kaz himself in a forthcoming documentary, Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide.

Moscovici is a Canadian director who's worked on everything from documentaries to music videos to short films — but his latest work has gravitated toward the auto world. His 2012 documentary, Urban Outlaw, profiled Magnus Walker — a colorful collector and customizer of vintage Porsches. And in Kaz, Moscovici commemorates the driver-turned-producer as his franchise turns fifteen. He interviews journalists, designers, and drivers about how one man's vision took racing and game design to unimagined heights. Moscovici marries strong visuals with an honest approach, making him the perfect director to capture a creator like Kaz on film.

Watch the trailer for Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide above, then preorder GT6 here.

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