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Can this tricked out sedan take on Batman’s greatest villains?

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No tricked-out vehicle is more legendary than the Batmobile — a ride that represents the height of automotive innovation and weapon technology. But What if Batman drove a Nissan?

Well, he’d be pretty psyched. Batman would totally drive this car. In this YouTube Geek Week video, Fast, Furious & Funny backyard inventor, Colin Furze, and his car-modder buddy, Yianni turned an old sedan into a ride fit for a crime-fighting king. Batwings? Check. Uzis behind the headlights? Check. Flame-thrower? Check? Ejector seat? Obviously.


Then they put the souped-up sedan to the test against some of Batman’s most hated villains. Can the Joker escape headlight Uzis? Is the Penguin a match for the flamethrower? Watch and find out.

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