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Enter This Contest For A Chance To Become Filthy Rich

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Gentlemen, start strategizing — it’s fantasy football season. Soon, your days will be filled with trash-talking coworkers while your nights will be spent making trades and trying really hard not to send hate mail to your league treasurer/ex-best friend. DraftKings can make this special time even more special; their Week One contest is the biggest in fantasy football history.


Enter the DraftKings fantasy football “Millionaire Maker” contest for a chance at a top prize of $2 million.

This is a big deal, man. Everyone likes to be a winner, and you’re in luck because the top 125,700 players will win a share of $10 million. Plus, the cost of entry is only $20. First place will win $2 million while second place wins a paltry $1 million.

Want to maximize your chance of becoming filthy rich? Try targeting weak defenses. Achieve victory with a QB and wide receiver from a team who can destroy an opposing team’s horrendous pass defense. And don’t be afraid to take risks. Find a low-value sleeper to save big money. You may have to sacrifice a position, but that will give you more money to spend on top-tier players.

Here’s how to play:

1. Draft a team of nine NFL players by Sunday September 13 1 PM ET.

2. Watch your team live on the leaderboard to see if you advance.

3. Finish in first place to win $2 million (or, for other prize winners, a share of $10 million)!

Sign up now. You have $50,000 in DraftKings money to select nine spots: eight offensive players and one defense.

Pick ‘em good — your best lineup can be the key to eternal fantasy football glory.


The DraftKings “Millionaire Maker” contest starts September 13 at 1 PM ET. Read the full contest rules here.

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