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Ask Five Guys What It's Like to Live Their Gearhead Dreams [UPDATED]

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When rallycross pro Bucky Lasek challenged the Subaru WRX, STi and BRZ crowd to prove they could drive, the floodgates opened and the wicked wheeling videos poured in. Bucky went through them all and hand-picked the cream of the crop, flying them to California for the trip of a lifetime.

Last week, you watched the DoubleURXXX Productions "Chosen Ones" video documenting the secret event. Now, the winners are here in the comments to talk about their once-in-a-lifetime experience reassembling and racing a new WRX. But first, get to know them a little better.

Troy "the Killer" Miller…

I was born with a love of cars, and that passion has only grown since then. By eleven, I was teaching my father how to perform J-turns and slide around corners. I got into rally and Subaru at the same time, around 2002 (I was 13 years old) when the WRC was aired on TV. The day I saw rally was the first and only time in my life that I ever thought, 'that's what I want to do when I grow up.' Here I am now at twenty-five and it's still the only thing I want to do!


"High Speed" Chase Wilson…

I was born and raised in Spokane WA, and my love of motorsports started when I began racing dirt bikes at age five. My family would travel every weekend just so my older brother and I could race all around the Pacific Northwest. Fast forward a few years now and I'm still wrenching on Subarus, racing them on the weekends and traveling to every meet I can attend in the Pacific Northwest.

Will "the Widow-Maker" Lucas…

I've been into cars since I could walk. I got my masters degree in Automotive Engineering from Clemson's CU-ICAR program, and got involved in Clemson's sports car club. When it was time for a new car, the WRX was the only one that met my criteria. Another thing going for the WRX was rallycross. Seeing cars fly over jumps at the X Games was surreal. I was hooked. For my Chosen Ones video, I wanted to show the WRX as a car that could truly do everything: road tripping, autocrossing, having fun in the snow, and towing my go-kart.


Tim "No Fear" Near…

I was raised on a farm where driving trucks in fields, running tractors, and riding my dirt bike on logging roads ignited a passion for anything with an engine. I got my first Subaru in college and immediately fell in love. I've actually never been a rallycross guy, but years of parking lot shenanigans prepared me for the Chosen Ones event quite well. I had just bought my new 2014 WRX when I saw the contest and thought, "I have to."


"Bombing" Bobby Whiteley…

From the moment that I turned on the TV and saw rally videos, I thought to myself, "that's I want to do that for a living, and I will do my hardest to make it a reality." When I graduated high school, I decided on a Subaru WRX STI because I knew it would take the punishment. They have a great record for being race cars, and they look damn good. I treated that car like it was made of pure gold...until I discovered the SCCA. I started entering their rallycross events, and modifying my car for more power and handling. I got the "bug" all over again.


Bobby, Troy, Tim, Will and Chase are ready to answer all your Subaru, rallycross, and Bucky-related questions, so hop in the comments and ask them anything!

Want to take on your own rallycross course with the 2015 Subaru WRX? Head here to learn more about the new model.


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