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Ask a Nudist About Dating, Naturism, and Body Acceptance

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First dates are hard enough, so imagine what it must be like to strip down to the buff before embarking on the quest for love? For lots of people, this is the stuff of actual nightmares. But for lifelong nudist Felicity Jones, it's only natural.

Felicity is a feminist, activist, and third-generation naturist who — along with friend and fellow nudie-patootie Jordan Blum — cofounded Young Naturists America with the goal of attracting more young people to naturism and reviving old-school naturist ideals. And while VH1's new series Dating Naked hopes to bring daters back to basics by sending them on blind (nude) dates, Felicity is spreading the good word about naturism in a subtler way: by answering your questions about her life and community in the comments.

Like: how do you a balance a nude lifestyle with a buttoned-down career? Is it really possible to separate nudity from sex? Exactly how difficult is it to look your parents in the eye and say, "Yep, I'm a nudist?" For the next hour, Felicity will be answering your questions on what it's like to date naked, how to handle jealousy in an all-nude relationship, and whatever else your swaddled-up heart yearns to know. So pull off that scrunchie, doff your top, and join her in the comments.


And don't forget to watch VH1's Dating Naked, premiering Thursday, July 17 at 8/7C.

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