[Update: the comments are now closed.] You may not know Joi Ito by name, but you've certainly heard of the companies that rely on his insight: the Sony Corporation, the New York Times Company, the Mozilla Foundation, and Creative Commons, to name a few. He's also the director of one of the most disruptive research labs in America. In other words, Joi is known for innovation and big ideas. His inspiring work philosophies are what sparked his relationship with Seiko, who named him a brand ambassador in 2013.

Joi believes deeply that creativity and intuition are essential to problem solving, and his track record indicates he knows what he's talking about. On the topic of innovation, Joi has said, "We often talk about focus and execution as the key to success. We test, measure and analyze. In a society obsessed with efficiency and metrics, it’s very easy to eliminate one of the most essential elements for success — creativity, serendipity and intuition."


But how do you apply this insight to a mediocre job or a project that feels like it'll never take off? Joi answered your questions in the comments section about what to do when you're consumed by the details, how to combat a creative block, and how to design a career that'll stand the test of time. This conversation is no longer taking place, but you can check out his answers below.

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