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Alyx Vance Puts the Gravity Gun to the Test

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There are few fictional weapons as revered as the gravity gun, which gives its owner the power to lift and manipulate even the heaviest objects. It’s no wonder gamers consider it extremely valuable. The gravity gun may hold a special place in the video game armory, but can it help Half Life 2's heroine, Alyx Vance, defeat a crew of combine soldiers?

The Gravity Gun — a YouTube Geek Week video — poses that question by making the virtual world of Half Life 2 a visual reality with the help of some very impressive special effects and a totally covetable gravity gun. The gun may allow Alyx to cut soldiers and half with saw blades and explode giant canisters, but will it ensure her escape from the determined squad of armed assassins? Or will the battle end with a cliffhanger?


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