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About That Time You Traded All Your Possessions for a Unicycle…

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Sure, that whole "road less traveled" thing might have sounded great in 10th-grade English class — but so did drum circles, novelty cigarettes, and unflavored gelatin as a hair product. And unfortunately, for grown-ups, making decisions isn't as simple as stubbornly refusing to follow the crowd. I'm sure plenty of you have occasionally ignored life's instruction manual in pursuit of a life that actually works... but more on that later.

In Satisfaction, USA Network's new original drama series, picture-perfect marrieds Neil and Grace Truman have followed the rules all the way to the "American Dream": they have a loving family, a house to die for, and an impressively large 3D television. But while Neil searches for guidance in the spirituality section of the bookstore, his equally unhappy wife goes looking for help from a very different source. Okay, it's an escort. Cue judgment!

While inviting a professional into your marital bed might not be your thing, maybe you've taken an unconventional path…


At Work

Whether you're quitting your corporate job to seek your fortune as an online poker player, have already found happiness raising alpacas in Vermont, or are forsaking medical school to chase your dream of being a pro wrestler, a life of nine-to-five stability isn't for everyone. [Disclosure: I'm the person who figured dropping out of college to write kooky mystery novels for tween girls was a sensible life choice, so no judgments here. Actually, it sort of worked out! I mean, my mom still cries herself to sleep every night, but other than that it's been great.]

While Parenting

It's safe to say that no choices you make in life will be more closely scrutinized than the ones you make as a parent—including, of course, the choice not to be one. Personally, I'm planning on schooling my future little darlings by pushing them out the door every morning with a butterfly net, a MetroCard, and instructions to come home alive with a few specimens and some good tales to tell. You think that's insane? Fine! What's your plan?


In Your Relationship

Are you in a throuple? Happily monogamish? Perhaps you're living on a desert commune with 35 white-robed spiritual siblings and a handsome, wild-eyed guru who drives you around in a beat up van teaching you the true meaning of sexual ecstasy. Okay, forget that last one. But still: if you've thrown off the shackles of monogamy, has it helped you build more fulfilling relationships — even if only with yourself?


In the yellow wood of life, when have you chosen to take the divergent path, and when has it paid off? Did your determination to find a job that let you sleep until noon every day lead to an unexpected fortune? When it comes to your relationship, have you discovered the benefits of a sex surrogate? Head to the comments and spill about all the times you've chosen to buck convention , and check out USA's Satisfaction, premiering on Thursday, July 17 at 10/9c.

Bennett Madison is the author of several books for young people, including September Girls (HarperCollins 2013) and The Blonde of the Joke. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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