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We’re Looking for Mankind's Preeminent Facial Hair: Is It Yours?

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Do strangers stop you on the street and ask to stroke your beard? Does your signature moustache get double-takes everywhere it goes? Does your beard have a name? A birthday? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the opportunity your facial hair has been waiting for. No, it’s not a calendar featuring twelve different beard styles, I’m talking about a full on Facial Hair Face-Off. It’s time to put your moustache where your mouth is. Because if it’s somewhere else, it’s probably not a moustache.


If the invaluable prize of beard bragging rights doesn’t entice you, the chance to rub moustaches with the nation’s most inspiring facial hair probably will. Yes, I’m referring to the most anticipated event of the beard season: the prestigious National Beard and Moustache Championships presented by Hanes X-Temp™ technology. On November 7, the Facial Hair Face-Off champion will get to mix and mingle with elite beards and incredibly styled moustaches as they compete for national glory at the historic King’s Theater in Brooklyn. Did you hear that? It’s your beard begging to see its facial hair heroes in action.

But first, that beard of yours will have to prove itself. Winning the Facial Hair Face-Off will require every inch of hair on your face. Entering, on the other hand, is easy. Just follow the steps below and check out the contest rules at the end of the post:

  1. Use the submission tool below to take a selfie with your facial hair front and center (emphasis on the “face” part).
  2. Copy and paste the resulting image URL into a comment on this post along with a brief bio including your name, age, home town, and perhaps your facial hair’s personal hero.
  3. Once you’ve posted your entry, share your hirsute glamour shot far and wide (or as far as your social media reach allows).

If yours is one of the eight most impressive entries, you’ll become a contender in the Facial Hair Face-Off bracket. Each week you’ll face off against another selected reader’s beard and/or moustache, and readers will vote to determine who makes it one step closer to becoming a beardo hero with access to the National Beard and Moustache Championships.


Yes, we all know masculinity springs forth from hair follicles, but being a hairy dude ain’t all swooning hipsters and Burt Reynolds likenesses. Goatees seem to be popular toys amongst small children and milk moustaches eliminate any chance of a successful coffee date. Add the hairy man’s kryptonite — the combination of heat, sweat, and hairiness — and some may even consider a clean shave.

Thankfully, that horror can now be avoided thanks to Hanes® X-Temp® t-shirts, underwear, and socks. Gone are the days of being hot and sweaty just because you’re hairy and hot (in a physically attractive way). Hanes X-Temp™ technology was designed to evaporate sweat quickly to keep even the hairiest among us cool and comfortable from torso to toes. So go on with your furry self and get weird with your beard. Take advantage of every opportunity to show the world your hairy pride — like, say, a Facial Hair Face-Off bracket-style competition.


Contest Rules

To enter the contest, use the “beard widget” to take or upload a photo of yourself (featuring your beard or moustache) and paste the URL the widget generates into the comments section of the post. Eight commenters will be chosen by Studio@Gawker and Hanes to enter the “beard bracket” contest, with the winner of the “beard bracket” to receive a trip to New York City (standard/economy airfare, two nights accommodations in New York City and ground transportation to and from the airport in New York City).


As usual, Gawker’s standard contest rules apply. By entering into the contest, contestants agree to (a) attend, and participate in if requested, the National Beard and Moustache Championships in Brooklyn, NY on November 6th & 7th, 2015, (b) appear and participate in the event recap video (a promotional video for Hanes), currently anticipated to shoot in New York City on November 6th & 7th, (c) provide Gawker and Hanes with biographical information (age, hometown, personal mantra, etc.); and (d) maintain (i.e. not dramatically alter) their facial hair between their entrance into the competition and November 6th - 7th.

Lily Butler is an editor at Studio@Gawker.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Hanes and Studio@Gawker.

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