Your Suit Is More Versatile Than You Think

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Listen, sometimes you have to wear a suit. Maybe you’re meeting some Highly Important People at your company. Or maybe your girlfriend’s dad is a real hard-ass, old-school dude who requires a suit and tie if he’s even going to make eye contact with you, let alone allow you to cohabitate with his daughter. It happens.

The thing is, suits aren’t just for weddings, funerals, and stodgy offices. They’re versatile. You can dress them down with hoodies, sneakers, or jeans, and your outfit will look fantastic and work for just about any situation. We put that idea to the test. We took one J.Crew suit, and put it in every situation imaginable, from a baseball game to a late-night at a bar to a fancy party. Did it work? You bet it did. Read on below to see how we did it.

A Last-Minute Baseball Game

Say your favorite team is in town and you scored some tickets. Unfortunately, that suit you wore to work isn’t really ballgame-worthy. Don’t run home to change, then try and catch the game. Just ditch the shirt and tie for a hoodie and a pair of sneakers. Throw on a cap and some shades to complete the look. You’ll be able to catch the first pitch and you’ll be the most stylish guy in the ballpark.

An Important Meeting

A long-awaited interview or make-or-break presentation is merely hours away. But you have enough on your plate, and you’re already on the verge of an espresso-induced panic attack that multiple rounds of deep breathing won’t mitigate. Now is not the time to worry about your outfit. Pair your jacket and pants with a solid colored tee and a clean pair of sneakers (emphasis on clean). Or swap the suit pants for some slim fitting jeans, and throw on a bold pair of socks.

A Date With Someone Who’s Actually Cool

You’ve swiped right on basically every girl in Brooklyn, but this one is different. You actually think there’s some potential there. But shit! What do you wear? Where should you go? It’s tough. You don’t want to overdress and look like you’re trying too hard, but you also don’t want to look like a schlub. Throw on a shirt, tie, and sweater, and you’ll be good to go.

A Bar With Friends

You nailed your presentation or snagged a great new job, and now you want to grab a drink and shoot some stick with your buddies. No problem. Transition from office to bar by throwing on a tee and a pair of sneakers, then swap the suit jacket with something lightweight, like this Wallace & Barnes bomber. You’ll look like a goddamn stud.

A Fancyish Party

When attending an engagement party or your company holiday party, you’ll want to look fancier than normal but also avoid looking like a try-hard. Go full suit, but pass on the tie. They’re just restrictive. Unbutton the top button (or if you’re feeling frisky, maybe two) of your favorite plaid or gingham shirt. Add a matching pocket square like the goddamn gentleman that you are, and enjoy your tieless night.

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