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Branded content people actually care about

Watch One Woman Transform Her Hair And Scalp In A Week


Tresses and scalp feeling gorgeous except for that little annoyance that just won’t quit? Nothing takes the fun out of styling quicker than a dilemma that seems determined to test your roots, your locks, and your patience.

But after watching the video above, you’ll have the motivation to take on any styling situation and enjoy your hair to its fullest potential, from roots to ends. Follow the journey of one woman who, with the help of celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright and Head & Shoulders’ Royal Oils line, tries out a new routine to combat a recurring issue for her hair and roots: a dry, itchy scalp. Keep watching to see her inspiring results, then share your own hair and scalp experiences in the comments below!


This post is a sponsored collaboration between Head & Shoulders Royal Oils and Studio@Gizmodo.