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If you’ve never tried a heated toilet seat, then I’m sorry to inform you that your bathroom experience has been deeply amiss. I recently traveled to Japan, where toilets are given the heed they deserve — nearly all equipped with heated seats and an intimidating array of functions. Every sad, cold toilet seat I’ve sat on thereafter has been a massive disappointment.

Luckily, you don’t need to jetset to Japan to enjoy the fruits of bathroom innovation. KOHLER makes toilets (and other bathroom essentials) that do everything you could possibly want and more, thanks to a new voice-enabled technology called KOHLER Konnect. Their Numi Intelligent Toilet not only warms both your bottom and your feet, but also lets you personalize your toilet experience down to the cleansing, lighting, and audio options. If listening to public radio while enveloped in a soft orange light is your bathroom jam, then that is exactly what you can get.

Also in KOHLER’s catalog of smart bathroom products are a shower that comes with luxurious built-in spa settings, a sleek voice-lighted mirror, and more. Watch the video above for the full breakdown, as seen at CES 2018, and don’t sleep on upgrading to the bathroom of the future.

Angela Wang is a Senior Writer for Studio@Gizmodo.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between KOHLER and Studio@Gizmodo.

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